The Green Ribbon for Climate Story

The Green Ribbon stands for:

  • Caring and concern about the planet’s climate crisis.
  • Intention to work for climate solutions.
  • Support for strong climate action and climate justice now.

Wearing a green ribbon says: I stand for strong climate action now. I care about this issue.

Why a Green Ribbon campaign now?

We’re at a critical point for the climate and life on our planet. In December, the global community is meeting in Paris to come to a agreement about what actions will be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the agreed upon goal of keeping warming under 2 degrees C (4 degrees F.) There are many ways to take action for climate solutions. A Green Ribbon campaign is one way to make our climate concerns seen and shared on a daily basis, from now until the end of the climate negotiations.

The Green Ribbon campaign:

  • Makes our concern for climate visible.
  • Opens the door for climate conversations.
  • Provides a way for all types of people to show support for strong climate action now.
  • Lets people know we are not alone in our concern for the climate, that we are part of a broad movement of concern.
  • Makes a statement of intention to be part of the climate solution.
  • Reminds us to make climate-friendly decisions in our daily actions.
  • Is independent of party politics.
  • Is one small answer to the question, “But what can I do?”

Together for Climate Action

Around the world, people are working for climate solutions, climate action and climate justice. The Green Ribbon campaign can be linked to and support climate actions of all types. We often think we are alone in our concern about the climate. The Green Ribbon for Climate campaign can show that we are united across many communities in our desire for strong climate action and climate justice now.

How can I help spread the Green Ribbon For Climate campaign?

This website has all the tools you need to help spread the campaign live and on social media, and encourage your community to step up their commitment to climate action, individually and together.

Send us your stories.

Are you helping to spread the Green Ribbon campaign? Tell us what you are doing. Send us pictures and we’ll post them to inspire others. Send to greenribbon4climate [@]